Istanbul Photo Awards applications start on Nov 1

The applications for the Istanbul Photo Awards, an international news and sports photography contest, organized by the Anadolu Agency, will start on November 1.

Photographers are invited to submit their images to be assessed for four categories: news single and news story, for an individual news photo or a collection around a story, and sports single and sports story. The jury will also select one photographer for a special award.

The application period will be between November 1, 2014 and January 31, 2015 via ""

Anadolu Agency aims to be one of the world’s five most influential news agencies as part of its 2023 Centennial Vision.

World-renowned editors, publishers and photojournalists will form the jury, and the prizes will be presented in April 2015 in Istanbul.

The category prizes are:




Third Place

News Single: 




News Story:




Sports Single: 




Sports Story:     





Jury's Special Award:                     


Anadolu Agency is already a well-established global news agency offering a newswire service in seven languages with operations around the globe, including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Asia-Pacific.

It serves business clients in more than 100 countries and is one of the main sources for discovering, purchasing and managing images and other digital content.

As part of its centennial vision, the agency plans to broadcast in 11 languages by 2020. The agency currently broadcasts in Turkish, Arabic, English, Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian, Russian, Kurdish, French and Albanian.

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