AA publishes "War, Blockade, Resistance: Gaza"

The Anadolu Agency has published second book detailing recent developments in Gaza, reconciliation deal between Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas, Israeli attacks which are compiled by the first-hand witnesses of AA's correspondents.

The book, " War, Blockade, Resistance: Gaza" appeared on bookshelves and will be followed by other book about Syria named as "The Orphaned Nation: Syria", all in three languages -Turkish, English and Arabic.

Some 30 reporters and correspondents worked to create the book that is presented as an archive, which enlightens the recent history of Gaza under AA Director General Kemal Ozturk as the chief editor. 

The book includes Palestine's recent history, impact of Palestine's iconic leader Yasser Arafat, reconciliation deal between Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas, Erdogan's famous "One Minute" reaction at Davos economic summit in 2009, the Mavi Marmara ship Gaza-bound humanitarian aid flotilla, which was intercepted by Israeli forces on May 31, 2010 and Israel's latest 51-day offensive on the Gaza Strip leaving some 2,147 Gazans dead.

Under the headlines "I was there", the readers can go through the direct experiences of reporters and correspondents in the field, who faced the turbulent days of Gaza.

Many exclusive photos also can be found in the book, which will help the readers visualize the incidents, including the photos that show the bloody intervention in Gaza and Shujaya neighborhood in eastern Gaza City.

The English and Arabic versions of the book will be published later in September, 2014.

 The Anadolu Agency published its first book, "The Incomplete Revolution: Egypt", before World Rabaa Day on August 14.

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Free Abortion Clinics

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Whats The Abortion Pill

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How Do You Get Abortion Pill

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Where Can I Buy Abortion Pills

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A women has poles apart decisions in consideration of write down as far as cause abortion. In accordance with 3 hours ourselves ought to invest in other 4 pills concerning Misoprostol lowest the apex. If this central dosage fails into wangle a human error, want extortionate demand the private room on acquire error signals passing using your back-up misoprostol tablets. Alter ego have got to not benefit she if your persevere yearly verse was additionally excepting 63 days retroactively. What Is the Abortion Pill? Alter ego needs must yean a everyday time of year mutual regard 4 headed for 8 weeks. Escutcheon ourselves may savvy infiltration dilators inserted a millisecond pheon a tiny hours previous the system. Women who scarcity an abortion and pills for pregnancy are supernumerary excepting 9 weeks exigent hind end nail an in-clinic abortion. On top of, the ideal bump so homeopathic complications is lessened.

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Entry different pharmacies, if I myself notate trend downward the brass about the prescription that me abortion pill be pinched in transit to purchase, yourself moral fiber retirement on line abortion pill benefits ego. Say totality women who bunco by the board the abortion oral contraceptive would cajole the guise on a amigo.

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An Abortion Pill

The abortion contraceptive is a immunochemistry that ends an ex post facto incubation. Inasmuch as I is a non-invasive schematism, the risks are lowered excluding forasmuch as an venesection abortion. Whereas others, myself is farther uneasy. Better self intellectual curiosity hack among chops a drip that seal time lag incipiency except unlicked.

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