Abd Doumany wins Photo of the Year 2016 at Anadolu Agency's 2nd Istanbul Photo Awards

Taken by Syrian photographer Abd Doumany for AFP, a powerful image showing a deep well of emotion in the eyes of a wounded boy, encapsulating the horror of the last several years in Syria, was chosen Photo of the Year 2016 by the international jury of the 2nd Istanbul Photo Awards.

Taken in a makeshift hospital after a bombing, the photo is a very loud call to the world, expressed by the quiet gaze in the boy’s eyes. The expression on the boy’s face is a plea. It speaks directly to the world as the direct focus and attention on the situation in Syria now. The photo also underlines the reasons for the refugee crisis.

Additionally, Sergey Ponomarev won first prize for Single News, while Santi Palacios won first prize for Story News. Ian MacNicol was awarded for Single Sports, and Valery Sharifulin got first prize for Story Sports. Jury awarded Minzayar Oo with the Honour Award. For an overview of all the winners, visit: http://istanbulphotoawards.com/

Liu Heung Shing, director of the Shanghai Center of Photography and head of the jury, said, “This picture has enormous power to convey the suffering of this child’s questions to the world: Why, what happened? It is a very loud cry, but it is expressed in the very quiet gaze of his eyes.

“The jury decided to go for a picture that has evocative power rather than a descriptive image of the situation. The story of what is happening in Syria is capturing the imagination and concern, and I think this picture will remain part of our collective memory for years to come.”

Pulitzer Prize-winning Daniel Berehulak, who joined the jury as the laureate winner of Photo of the Year in the 2015 Istanbul Photo Awards, said the decision was unanimous. “It is a very very powerful photograph that shows so much emotion. We felt that it really encapsulated the terror, the horror of the situation that has been happening in Syria for a number of years. That also in a way is a source of a lot of the refugee crisis and many of the refugees that have fled Syria and are in Europe now.

“You know there are number of very very worthy photographs, but this was one that absolutely stood out and it was something that spoke, we felt, not only to us but to a much larger audience, as the direct focus and attention on the situation in Syria now.”

The photos were judged in four categories: News Single, News Story, Sports Single, and Sports Story by a jury of international professionals in Istanbul on March 18-21, 2016. Turkish Airlines is the Official Airline Sponsor of the contest.

2016 Photo Contest Jury

Returning as jury members were Shanghai Center of Photography Director Liu Heung Shing, Getty Images executive Georges De Keerle, AFP Photo Business Development Director Michel Scotto, as well as Guillaume Herbaut, a World Press Photo prize winner, Anadolu Agency Visual News Editor-in-Chief Ahmet Sel, and Anadolu Agency Photography Editor Firat Yurdakul. 

Pulitzer Prize laureate Daniel Berehulak joined this year's jury as the 2015 winner of the competition's "Photo of the Year" prize, along with Newsweek magazine photo editor James Wellford, Le Monde Photography Director Nicolas Jimenez, and Laurent Van der Stockt, recipient of the Excellence-Journalism Prize from Columbia University. 
For more about the jury members, visit http://www.istanbulphotoawards.com/SiteJury.aspx?Uye=0


The contest awarded prizes in four categories to 11 photographers from 9 countries.

The jury selected first, second and third prizes in all four categories. The winner of the Photo of the Year and the first prizes in all categories receive cash prizes of US$8,000. Second-place winners receive a cash prize of US$3,000, while third-place winners get US$1,500.

AA photojournalist wins ‘Pictures of the Year' award

- Mustafa Hassona honored in 73rd annual international photo contest

ANKARA (AA) – Anadolu Agency photojournalist Mustafa Hassona has been awarded the Award of Excellence in the world’s premier media photo contest, Pictures of the Year International (POYi).

Hassona, based in the Gaza Strip, this week won the award in the General News category for his picture titled “Do not be afraid, my father.”

Taken on Oct. 11, 2015, the photo depicts a Palestinian father and his 5-year-old son holding hands as they wait to be treated on their hospital beds after their house was demolished by an Israeli army airstrike.

Serving on jury of the 73rd annual competition were Muhammed Muheisen, Marvin Joseph, Mary F. Calvert, Michael Hamtil, Wally Skalij, Nate Gordon, Seth Greenberg, Ken Geiger, Jane Evelyn Atwood, Janet Jarman, Matt Campbell, Travis Fox, Deb Pastner, Leslie dela Vega, and Pat Davison.

Over 200 awards were given this year in 40 categories in four main divisions: news, sports, reportage, and visual editing.

Another Anadolu Agency photojournalist, Mosa’ab Elshamy, won the Award of Excellence in last year’s contest, while freelancer Sebastian Castaneda was awarded the same prize in 2014 in the feature picture story category, for his photo “Refuge of the Soul.”

Elshamy won the award for a picture taken in Egypt during clashes between anti-coup protesters and government forces. His photo was also named one of the year’s best pictures by Time magazine and featured on the front page of the New York Times.

Pictures of the Year International is the oldest and most prestigious photojournalism program in the world. POYi began as an annual competition for photojournalism in 1944, and is now an international professional development program for visual journalism. It is a nonprofit, academic program dedicated to journalism education and professional development, affiliated with the Missouri School of Journalism.

Istanbul Photo Awards winners announced

Taken by Australian photographer Daniel Berehulak for the New York Times, an image, which captured the drama of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, was chosen Photo of the Year 2014 by the international jury of the 1st Istanbul Photo Awards News Photo Contest.

TIME magazine’s International Photo Editor and head of the jury Alice Gabriner said she remembered being hit hard by the powerful image when she first saw it, in the New York Times.

She said: "It is even beyond the picture, the picture makes you wanna know more. Than you find out this incredible story.”

"Ebola was such a powerful story this past year and that’s the reason why we chose this picture."

Gabriner said the quality of the submitted photographs was very good and the world's best photographers were among the applicants.

"For the first year it’s very remarkable and I think it will only mean very positive things for what you can be doing in the future and I feel very proud to be part of that first jury." she added.

Pulitzer-winning former photojournalist Liu Heung Shing said he was excited to be part of the jury and that he also thought the quality of the photographs was "surprisingly good".

Prizes in four categories were also awarded to 11 photographers from seven countries in the contest.

About 12,000 photographs from more than 100 countries were assessed in four categories: News Single, News Story, Sports Single and Sports Story by a jury of international professionals gathered in Istanbul on March 14-17, 2015. Turkish Airlines is the “Official Airline Sponsor” of the contest.

2014 Photo Contest Jury

As well as Gabriner, the jury consisted of other respected professionals including Pulitzer-winning former photojournalist and founder of the Shanghai Center of Photography, Liu Heung Shing; Stern Magazine’s Photo Editor Harald Menk; Getty Images’ Senior Director Georges De Keerle; AFP’s Photo Distribution Director Michel Scotto; World Press Photo Award winner Guillaume Herbaut and World Press Photo Award winner war reporter Patrick Chauvel as well as Anadolu Agency’s own Visual News Editor Ahmet Sel and Photography Editor Firat Yurdakul.

The competition results were announced on March 18, 2015 on Anadolu Agency’s website (http://www.aa.com.tr/en), on Anadolu Images, the international photography platform of Anadolu Agency(https://anadoluimages.com/) and on the competition’s own website (http://istanbulphotoawards.com/).


The jury selected first, second and third prizes in all four categories.

The winner of the Photo of the Year and the first prizes in all categories will receive a cash prize of US$8,000.

Second place winners will receive a cash prize of US$3,000, while third place winners will receive a cash prize of US$1,500.

For more information; istanbulphoto@aa.com.tr